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Waterbath Ignition

Water Bath Heater Ignition
We would ask you to consider the following for use on water bath heaters. At present we have approx. 10 units operating in various regions, including Scotland, SW, North London.

The Sabre has been developed for occasional safe re-ignition of pilots on water bath heaters in non hazardous atmospheres by checking the atmosphere before use, if the water bath heater spark ignition has failed. The length of the units vary and also fall into two types.

Type 1 ( length from 1 to 3m)
Type 2 ( length to 1m)

Sabre Material stainless steel

The types available are:-

Type 1

As shown in the photo opposite. Intended for 'long reach ignition' applications from the back of the
burner wind box. The unit has two handles for support. An integral lamp can be fitted for illumination
during ignition.

Clearly longer Sabres can be used on shorter reach application but 1.8 - 2 m lengths are typical.

The aim is to reach the end of the burner from outside of the rear of the wind box, without the need
to insert any of the body in the wind box- so the length of the wind box in usually an indication of the
length required.

Type 2

This type has been devised where ignition of small units (where space is limited ) is required. It is
smaller in diameter and lighter in weight. An integral lamp can be fitted for illumination during ignition (but
not usually necessary).