Process Engineering

Process Heating
Hygrotherm Thermal Systems design and supply systems for process heating.Thermal oil heaters in capacity from 100 to 10,000 KW burning gaseous and liquid fuels or suitable wastes.Electrical thermal heaters typically 10 to 600 KW in capacity using thyristor control for accurate temperature control provide a useful alternative to fired units on certain applications.Mineral oil temperatures upto 320 deg C provide an efficient source of heat at low pressure.The three pass gas side heat transfer on fired units achieves exceptional efficiency, subject to oil return temperature. Higher efficiency units using additional combustion air preheat are also available.Thermal oil temperatures up to approximately 400 deg. C for high temperature processes using synthetic fluids can be achieved when combined with pressurised systems.Process temperatures up to 550 deg. C can also be provided with our unique molten salt process utilising a dilution technique for salt storage. Please see our separate brochure for details. Our capabilities also include the design and supply of complete systems covering expansion tank, vapour separator, pipework and installation.Our consultancy service is also available to resolve existing problems. Please contact our office for further details